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Op. Dr. Hakan Kozinoğlu

Dr. Hakan Kozinoglu was born in Ankara in 1956. After studying at Sarar Primary School and Ankara Atatürk High School respectively between 1962 and 1973, he entered Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1973 and successfully graduated in 1980. He performed his Obstetrics Specialization at Hacettepe University between 1981-1985. He completed his military service at Girne Military Hospital in Cyprus in 1986. He took his diploma for Infertility (IVF) treatment in 1991 in Assaf Harofe Hospital IVF Center in Telaviv, Izrael and continues to be one of the famous doctor for infertility treatment around the Turkey and above.

Talking About Getting Pregnant

When we are talking about your chance to get pregnant, mostly, there are unasked questions in your eyes like 

Can I get pregnant? What if not? Is it possible at the first attempt if not when? What is this medicine all, any side effects? Long-term effects? Why not natural therapy? I heard that it could be natural without any medicine. Did this doctor see any cases the same as me? What happened to them?

In 1991 when I first began to work at a fertility center, in vitro fertilization success rates were only 5%; for severe male factor cases in which the sperm count and motility were very low, we were so hopeless in that days,, spilling sperms on each egg and waiting for them to pass the egg shell and fertilize eggs were like a hell of waiting all night long till the next morning, Mostly the day after embryologists telling us ‘fertilization failure’. 1992 Dr. Palermo from Brussels announced his first sperm injection to egg, the case was pregnant, what a revolution, we run to Brussels same year, learned the technique, it was now a new era, but still, there were cases like zero sperm count at ejaculate, 1995 Dr. Schoysman from Brussels declared the first case of testicular Sperm isolation and using for microinjection at IVF laboratory and was successful, one milestone was passed, then many medicines changed, injection become much more painless, user friendly like instead of intramuscular just subcutan with little tiny needles, mainly patients can do it by themselves, we also began to use specially designed catheters to transfer embryos, these catheters were visible under ultrasonography so we can see the tip of it and directly release the embryo to the point where it  has to be, incubators changed enormously, mediums that we put eggs and sperms and embryos in it had a considerable evolution, using laser energy for assisted hatching of egg shells if necessary instead of mechanical or chemical hatch was another technical evolution, when we needed to fereze eggs or embryos it was slow freezing technic and when we thaw them almos half were damaged, then we began to use vitrification..very fast freezing, victory came, 99 percent intact cells at thawing, almost zero loss. All these years, the gynecologic instruments had a very fast evolution also. Hysteroscopy cameras changed a lot, and it became possible to make it in office settings; polyps, septums, adhesions, almost 90 percent of cases now were easy targets to solve the issues at the office in a few minutes … 


Last 5 years, our pregnancy rates have been about 60-65% overall. What progress!

We are after 99 ! though we know, it can take another 30 years or maybe less.


Of course, it's impossible to tell all our patients on their first visit the history of  fertility treatment for the last 30 years. After seeing more than 12.000 cases at 32 years, feeling still young and ambitious is good; there must be a fast and easy or better way to explain my optimism to my patients. Talking to much technical details is boring, I know 60 % hope still contains 40 percent fail, but the empathy between the couple and I is between truth and trust. It sounds simple, but it's not that easy and takes time; I learned at the very beginning of my profession 41 years ago. I prefer to tell my patients we have now become a team; this is like a marathon run; we as a team will try our best, share everything with you, the good or bad, and decide together what to do, when, and how.

Work Experience

2000 -2005 IVF Center Director of Ankara Guven Hospital (Annual average 300 cases, almost 1500 cases at 5 years period)

2005-2008 IVF Center Director of RenTip IVF Bursa Annual (Average 400 cases, total 1200 cases)

2009 IVF Consultant of Clinart IVF Center in Trabzon 1 year (200 cases consultation)

2010 IVF Director German Hospital Istanbul (Average 100 cases monthly, more than 1000 cases in a year)

2011-2018 Basic work at ART Medical Center, also consultant at Cyprus Nicosia IVF, Erbil Anatolia IVF ( Northern Iraq), Chachava Hospital IVF Center Tbilisi Georgia, Jinemed BH Sarajevo Bosnia, Royal Bahrain Hospital. At this time interval I had directly (Chachava, Anatolia, Nicosia) or online (Royal Bahrain H, Jinemed BH , Anatolia) consulted more than 3000 cases

2018-19 İzmir Medical Park Hospital IVF clinic ,as a consultant fertility specialist, directly attended yearly over 200 IVF cases, End of 2019 I had done 186 diagnostic and operative hysteriscopy

Since 2020 August I am the director of the American Clinic IVF unit in Kosovo Prishtina

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Our Clinic

Since 1996, we began work in an ordinance of 200 m2 under the supervision of Dr. Spec. Behar Kusari. At that time it was one of the best ordinances in the country. With our successful work, the dedication to develop our staff professionally and with world health standards after 11 years, on March 8, 2007 we opened the first clinic for treatment of female and male infertility. 

With an area of ​​800 m2, staffed by specialist doctors, technicians and administrative staff, the American Clinic became a reference point for the treatment of male and female infertility in the country and the region with the trust that thousands of thousands of patients donated to us. Always referring to the world’s technological developments we invested in modern medical equipment by dedicating ourselves to be in step with time. Standing in trend with the latest technology, professional staff, on March 8, 2017, the new 2800 sqm facility, modern and luxurious, was inaugurated, being formed as a hospital equipped with the latest technology and the most modern facilities and services. modern health, keeping professionalism and the first name that brought science to infertility in Kosovo, Dr. Behar Kusari. With a team of over 90 medical and administrative professionals, providing 24/7 services per week, make our hospital a regional health reference center for all patients, providing all the professional and technical conditions with a network of international hospitals.

The modern American Clinical Areas are built and organized according to the international standards that meet the conditions for all services offered at the American Clinic, ranging from the treatment of Male and Female Infertility, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Neonatology, ORL, Dermatology as well as the Biochemical Laboratory. With two operating rooms that carry the latest state-of-the-art technology, equipped with all the necessary equipment, you can feel safe in the US Clinic. Under the care of the medical staff in two normal birth rooms, which are equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities, at the American clinic the birth process becomes easier and safer.


Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Cagcil Yetim, the problems of couples in the field of male and female infertility, are now smaller because the care of Dr. Stillim in the treatment room by collaborating with a professional embryologist and a laboratory equipped with the latest technology make the American Clinic solve many problem solving problems. You do not have to worry if you need anything to do outside of the US clinic facility because the service pack also offers the services of the Biochemical Laboratories and the management of medical specialists in the field of Biochemistry and the latest equipment in the world trend. Where is it better to feel comfortable with your concierge in the private and luxury rooms, where during your hospitalization the American Clinic takes care of everything, ranging from the professional service of the medical staff to the warm, hygienic and with food given by our nutrients, just to gain the minerals, vitamins and proteins needed after the intervention. The American Clinic is committed to providing special care and care to our services under the professional care of the medical and administrative team.

Meet Our Team



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Eljesa TOSKA

Translator & Legal Advisor 

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